AMD FSR 3.0 feature

AMD reveals future PC games that will support FSR 3.0

Now here is something that passed under our radar. Earlier this month when AMD announced FSR 3.0, it also revealed the future/upcoming PC games that will support this new tech.

As we’ve already reported, the first two games that will support FSR 3.0 will be Forspoken and Immortals of Aveum. Then, AMD FSR 3.0 will be implemented in games like Cyberpunk 2077, Frostpunk 2,  Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2 and Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. Additionally, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, Black Myth: Wukong and Crimson Desert. These three games target a 2024 release date so we assume that they will support it at launch.

AMD FSR 3.0 future PC games

As we’ve previously reported, there is no word on whether Starfield will support FSR 3.0. Since Starfield is one of the most anticipated triple-A games of 2023, I still believe that we might see it in Bethesda’s game via a post-launch update in 2024.

Similar to NVIDIA DLSS 3, AMD FSR 3.0 introduces a frame interpolation tech. AMD calls its tech Fluid Motion Frames. As with FSR 2.0, FSR 3.0 will be vendor-agnostic, meaning that it will support GPUs from Intel, NVIDIA and AMD.

It remains to be seen whether FSR 3.0 will be able to match the image quality of DLSS 3. We are also curious to see whether FSR 3.0 will have any major latency impact.

AMD has stated that FSR 3.0 will be available in Fall 2023. The red team will also implement frame interpolation in Hypr-RX for its RDNA 3 series GPUs in early 2024.

Stay tuned for more!