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Forspoken and Immortals of Aveum will be the first games using AMD FSR 3.0

Although AMD will hold its Gamescom 2023 Gaming Festival in a few hours, a slide from its presentation was leaked online, revealing the first games that will use its FSR 3.0 tech.

According to this official leaked slide, shared by Videocardz, the first games that will take advantage of AMD FSR 3.0 are Forspoken and Immortals of Aveum.

AMD FSR 3.0 Forspoken Immortals of Aveum

Similar to NVIDIA DLSS 3 Frame Generation, FSR 3.0 will implement a technique to create new frames. AMD is calling its technique Fluid Motion Frames.

AMD has also shared an image, showcasing the performance improvements of FSR 3.0. Funny enough, AMD does exactly what NVIDIA does with its own benchmarks. In other words, it compares native resolution (in this case 4K) with FSR 3.0 Performance Mode, and does not include any numbers for FSR 2.0.

AMD FSR 3.0 Forspoken results

What’s interesting here is that Immortals of Aveum already supports DLSS 3 Frame Generation. As such, it will be the perfect game to benchmark and compare AMD FSR 3.0 against NVIDIA’s AI-powered tech. Will AMD’s solution be able to match what NVIDIA is currently offering?

Lastly, it appears that Starfield will not support AMD FSR 3.0 at launch. The reason I’m mentioning this is because a rumor surfaced last week, suggesting that it would. So now you know why we didn’t comment on that rumor. Its source has made numerous mistakes in the past and relies heavily on simply guessing/assuming things. Since AMD has partnered with Bethesda for Starfield, they assumed that it would be the first game to use it (without having anything to back up those false claims). However, as this official slide indicates, the first two games that will support FSR 3.0 will be Forspoken and Immortals of Aveum and not Starfield.

My guess is that Starfield will add support for AMD’s new tech via a post-launch update. If I had to guess, I’d say that this will most likely happen in 2024. After all, there is still no ETA on when Forspoken or Immortals of Aveum will support FSR 3.0.

Stay tuned for more!