AMD DirectX 12 Ultimate Ray Tracing Tech Demo

AMD plans to “focus on ray tracing” after RDNA 2’s launch as evident from a recent job post listing

We all know that Ray tracing is the ‘holy grail’ of future next-gen Graphics. Next-gen consoles are going to support ray tracing as well. Nvidia has already released their RTX-compatible GPUs starting with the “Turing” lineup of GPUs back in 2018.

Now, according to one recent AMD Job listing, as spotted by OC3D, one of the key responsibilities of AMD’s “Game Engineering team” role will be to “Integrate features into game titles with a focus on ray tracing”, which confirms AMD’s plans to help integrate ray tracing into future PC titles.

The AMD Game Engineering team works closely with external games software developers and publishers to build some of the best games in the world. They help them to fully exploit the technical capabilities of AMD’s hardware products. Their aim is to raise the standards for gaming graphics and performance.

The listing is for the post “Developer Technology Engineer”. The focus on ray tracing makes sense given AMD’s support for hardware-accelerated ray tracing with RDNA2, and the fact that their architecture will also be used in both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X next-gen consoles. These consoles are going to offer support for hardware-accelerated ray tracing. So it makes sense for AMD to focus on ray tracing for the future.

As the full job description reads:

The Person:

The ideal candidate is a highly skilled software designer and engineer, strong in 3D math, fluent in C and C++ and the efficient use of discrete GPUs, APUs, and CPUs. You are team-driven and motivated to do things others might find too difficult.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work with the external game development partners of AMD to enable them to produce their applications as efficiently as possible
  • Optimize game and application performance for discrete GPUs, APUs and CPUs.
  • Design and implement rendering effects using established APIs
  • Integrate features into game titles with a focus on ray tracing.

Preferred Experience:

  • Minimum 4 years of full-time (post grad) experience efficiently crafting C/C++ game code for Windows and knows all about data structures, design patterns, language features, standard libraries and writing easy-to-understand code
  • Has practical hands-on experience with DirectX 12 and /or Vulkan development tools and techniques for Windows
  • Has strong graphics code optimization skills, in particular shader code optimizations.
  • Understands that requirements are rarely flawless and is willing to extract the spirit of the requirement to make the system or software better
  • Has excellent written and verbal skills
  • Is willing to travel domestically and internationally on a regular basis
  • GCN / RDNA graphics architecture experience
  • Experience with DirectX 12 and/or Vulkan graphics APIs
  • Experience with ray tracing.

Academic Credentials:

Has a degree in computer science or a related technical discipline, or equivalent


San Diego, Santa Clara, Bellevue, Boxborough, Orlando, Markham.