AMD officially reveals its refreshed RX 500X series of graphics cards

AMD has officially revealed the refreshed models for its RX 500 series of graphics cards. AMD will re-brand its GPUs by adding the “X” at the end, and will be offering five models. These models are: RX 580X, RX 570X, RX 560X, RX 550X and RX 540X.

The specifications for these re-branded GPUs are exactly the same with the non-X versions. For example, the RX 580X still has 36 compute units, 2304 Stream processors, 144 Texture Units, 32 ROPs and 5.7 billion transistors. Hell, the company even suggests the same frequencies for base and boost modes.

In short, don’t expect any meaningful performance differences between the more powerful RX500 and the RX500X models. It’s worth noting, though, that we did notice some differences between the RX500 and the RX500X models.

Those interested can find the new RX500X graphics cards here.