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AMD has announced and detailed FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.1

AMD has just announced a new version of its AI upscaling tech. According to the red team, FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.1 comes with lots of improvements that aim to further improve the visual quality of a game.

Going into more details, AMD FSR 2.1 now uses motion vector divergence to diminish locked pixels. Additionally, its Disocclusion logic is now able to detect disocclusions in areas with only small depth separation between objects. Furthermore, it improves upscaled output quality by turning some half-precision computations to full precision. And, alongside these improvements, FSR 2.1 packs improvements to Reactive Mask, as well as Composition and Transparency Mask.

AMD claims that the aforementioned improvements should alleviate ghosting issues, and improve overall color range and temporal stability of the upscaled image produced.

Since AMD FSR 2.1 includes significant changes to certain parts of the algorithm, developers may have to manually add support for it. In other words, you may not be able to enable it by simply switching DLLs.

You can find more details about AMD FSR 2.1 on GPUOpen. And lastly, you can find below a comparison between FSR 2.0 and FSR 2.1!

Farming Simulator 22 | 4K AMD FSR 2.1 Comparison