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ALOT adds more than 350 new HD textures for Mass Effect 1, also new textures for Mass Effect 2/3

Mass Effect fans, here is something special for you today. Modder “CreeperLava” has released a new version of ALOT (A Lot of Textures) for the first Mass Effect games. According to its description, ALOT for Mass Effect 1 has just quadrupled in size with 350 new textures by CreeperLava and 35 more by JimbobJeffers.

Going into more details, all human armors, 200 textures in total, have been retextured to 4K (male and female armours as well as light, medium and heavy) and all weapons have been upscaled 4X and improved (100 textures). A variety of horribly low resolution objects – such as screens, holograms, water, spaceport robotic arm, steel cables, windows and more – have been improved and new 4K environment textures (snow, sand, grass and more) have been added.

Although there aren’t any comparison screenshots yet, you can download and enjoy these new textures by downloading ALOT for Mass Effect 1 from here.

The latest version of ALOT for Mass Effect 2 brings minor tweaks and improvements. For instance, it’s latest version fixes the neon floor on the Citadel, adds ClearanceClarence’s textures : Omega asteroid and Collector armor and replaces Miranda textures with JimbobJeffers’s. Those interested can download it from here.

Last but not least, the latest version of ALOT for Mass Effect 3 adds MaryseDynasty’s Tali textures, for all four of her armours (default, alternate, from ashes, casino), replaces Cerberus units, Reapers and Garrus with ClearanceClarence’s textures, updated Miranda’s textures with JimbobJeffers’ newest Ultimate Miri update, adds an optional file to revert Tali’s textures to how they were before (in case you preferred the old ones), adds a bunch of new textures, among others Vorcha, Talon armour and environmental textures, fixes the alpha on some of the Normandy’s walls and fixes the seam on James’ face. You can download ALOT for Mass Effect 3 from here.

Have fun everyone!