Aliens: Colonial Marines Has Sold 1.31 Million Units

Aliens Colonial Marines
SEGA has revealed via its latest financial reports that Aliens: Colonial Marines has sold 1.31 million units. Yeap, despite the controversy surrounding it, this new Aliens game has managed to surpass the one million mark, and was the second best selling title for the publisher (the best selling title was Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed that sold 1.36 million copies).
A lot of fans have been bashing Aliens: Colonial Marines for not being ‘as good as the E3 demo.’ In all truthfulness though, the PC version (after the latest patches that improved the game’s visuals and AI) is in many way better than the E3 demo. As we’ve said many times, the E3 demo had a really horrible AI for aliens, and it’s really not that impressive. Sure, the visuals were better (something that has already been addressed in the PC version) than those of the vanilla version, however its gameplay mechanics were horrible.
In related news, rumor has it that TimeGate Studios (one of the studios that helped in the development of Aliens: Colonial Marines) is shutting down. The company filled for bankruptcy a couple of days ago, and Kotaku reported that it has already laid off its crew.
All in all, Aliens: Colonial Marines, despite the controversy surrounding it, was a commercial success. Yes, the game could have sold even more copies. However, it was not a disaster as some people want to make it look like. The point that it sold quite well, though, does not make it a great game.
Let’s hope that the next Aliens game (if there will be one that is) will be better in every way, not as scripted as this one.
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