Alien: Isolation – Graphical Enhancements Unveiled – Improve Planar Reflections, LOD & Shadows

Steam’s member ‘AngelGraves13’ has shared some tweaks that gamers can apply to the PC version of Alien: Isolation in order to further enhance the game’s visuals. By using AngelGraves13’s tweaks, you can enable higher quality shadows, enhance the game’s planar reflections and improve the game’s aggressive LOD system. In addition, you can alter the game’s Vertical FOV to Horizontal FOV thanks to the following tweaks.

AngelGraves13 has provided a modded version of the SETTINGS.XML file that needs to be edited, and we strongly suggest downloading from here.

Here are some comparison screenshots between the default and the improved shadows and planar reflections, as well as the code needed to be pasted/replaced in the XML file.

4K Shadows:

<Setting name=”ShadowMapResolution”>
<!– resolution in pixels. –>
<Quality name=”2K” int=”2048″ precedence=”1″/>
<Quality name=”4K” int=”4096″ precedence=”2″/>
<Quality name=”8K” int=”8192″ precedence=”3″/>
<Quality name=”16K” int=”16384″ precedence=”4″>
<WindowsExperienceIndex type=”GPU” value=”7.6″/>

Enhanced Planar Reflections:

<Setting name=”Planar Reflections”>
<Quality name=”Off” int=”0″ precedence=”1″/>
<Quality name=”Normal” int=”3″ precedence=”2″/>
<Quality name=”High” int=”4″ precedence=”3″/>

Improved LOD

<Setting name=”Level of Detail”>
<Quality name=”Ultra” float=”2.0″ precedence=”5″/>
<Quality name=”Very High” float=”1.0″ precedence=”4″/>
<Quality name=”High” float=”0.9″ precedence=”3″/>
<Quality name=”Medium” float=”0.75″ precedence=”2″/>
<Quality name=”Low” float=”0.6″ precedence=”1″/>