STALKER feature

Alexey Sytyanov – STALKER and Survarium Lead Game Designer – Joins the Areal Team

Well, you gotta admit that you never saw that coming. After Vostok Games’ harsh comments about West Games and its Areal Kickstarter campaign, everyone thought that this whole thing was a hoax. Apparently that’s far from the truth though as Alexey Sytyanov – STALKER and Survarium Lead Game Designer – has just joined West Games.

Alexey Sytyanov has been in the industry since 2001, was the lead game designer of Survarium, and has developed concepts for STALKER 2 until that project was closed for inexplicable reasons.

Alexey confirmed that West Games’ team has worked in the STALKER series, and shared some new details about the game.

Areal – according to Alexey – is the closest thing to STALKER, and is described as a mix between DayZ and Metroid Prime.

West Games will show footage from Areal – in the next couple of days – and will talk about some new game features.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!