Alan Wake PC promises to take advantage of quad-cores, comes with Havok physics

Our dear friends at PCGamesHardware have interviewed Remedy’s Markus Maki. According to Markus, Alan Wake PC takes advantage of quad-cores and occasionally, the game uses more than 4 threads. However, make no mistake here. The engine will not scale that well beyond four cores. Markus claimed that a quad-core PC features ‘a lot of power, and the engine is pretty efficient‘. We’re really curious to find out whether or not those claims are true, so you can expect a PC Performance Analysis when the game is actually released.
Markus has also told PCGamesHardware that the game will take advantage of the Havok physics. Markus believes that the GPU accelerated physics effects (like Nvidia’s PhysX effects) are great but can only contribute to the game’s visuals. On the other hand, the CPU physics are ‘integral part of the players‘ interaction in the world’. Damn straight right Markus.
Alan Wake PC is coming to the PC in February!