Alan Wake PC – More news coming next week; game will support the X360 controller

We know that you are dying to hear more about the PC version of Alan Wake, so get ready as more news will be revealed next week. According to Remedy’s Community Manager, the embargo for Alan Wake PC will be lifted in Monday and there will be some brand new information about it. Moreover, Remedy’s Markus Maki confirmed in the very same thread that Alan Wake PC will support the X360 controller.
We bet that this is a big relief for a lot of PC gamers, we thought that the PC version wouldn’t support the X360 controller. We seriously don’t know how they came to that conclusion – as there are lots of games that support X360’s controller and do not support GFWL – but who cares, right? Alan Wake PC will support controllers and that’s a fact.
It will also be interesting to see whether or not Alan Wake PC will support DX9. Back when the game was slated for a PC release, it was supposed to be released exclusively for Windows Vista. In other words, it was a DX10-only title. The big question now is this; will this new build of Alan Wake PC support Windows XP and the DX9 API or not?
We’ll find out soon enough, so stay tuned for more!