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AI-enhanced HD Texture Packs released for Quake 1 & Blood: Fresh Supply

Old school fans, here is something special for you today. Modders ‘phredreeke’ and ‘The Awesome Sponge’ have released new AI-enhanced HD Texture Packs for Blood: Fresh Supply and Quake. As the title suggests, these mods use AI technique in order to upscale, enhance and improve their textures. As such, we strongly suggest downloading them if you play them.

Unfortunately, The Awesome Sponge has not provided any before/after comparison screenshots. I also don’t have the first Quake installed so I don’t know whether there are major differences between the original and the enhanced textures. From what I know, this pack improves both the environmental and character/enemy textures.

On the other hand, phredreeke used ESRGAN in order to improve the Blood: Fresh Supply’s enemy sprites. The modder has also shared a video showing the new sprites. This version of Blood Upscale Pack doesn’t use any port specific features and as such should be compatible with any port of it. Therefore, this pack will work under NBlood’s classic renderer, as well as DOS.

You can download the AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack for Quake from here, and the one for Blood: Fresh Supply from here.

Have fun!

Blood Upscale Pack for Fresh Supply (WIP)