Activision’s Digital Sales Sky-Rocketed and are 42% higher than those of 2009

During their conference call, Activision stated that their digital sales surpassed their expectations and are growing higher each and every year. According to a sales graph, digital sales of 2011’s first half are 42% higher than those of 2009 and around 24% of last year’s.
The company stated that Call Of Duty: Black Ops was their best selling game and that its DLC’s and Map Packs drove most of the sales.
Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision said:
“Our better-than-expected second-quarter performance was driven by record digital sales of our online-enabled franchises. For the six month period, net revenues from digital channels grew more than 20 percent, driving record operating margin and EPS growth of more than 50 percent.”
In addition, Activision stated that they expect their digital sales to “double-grow” in the coming months.