Action RPG from Titan Quest creators ‘Grim Dawn’ hits its Kickstarter Goal and will be funded

Action ‘hack n slash’ RPG fans should be delighted. Krater is coming in June, Torchlight II is scheduled for release later this Summer, Diablo III is coming in a few days and Grim Dawn, a highly anticipated game from the creators of Titan Quest, has hit its Kickstarter goal and will be funded. Hell bloody yeah.
Grim Dawn is an action role-playing game being created with the tools and technology used to build Titan Quest by a few veteran developers from Iron Lore, including Arthur Bruno, the lead gameplay designer on Titan Quest.
Grim Dawn will be DRM free, will include robust modding tools so players can create their own worlds, will be faster-paced with much more satisfying enemy hit reactions and deaths, will allow players to fight house-to-house as they lay waste to enemies and the former owner’s furniture in the process, and will feature a more open-world design with randomized elements that will greatly enhance replay-ability.
Grim Dawn hits its 280K goal and there are still 11 days left until its end. Those interested can still back this project up by visiting its Kickstarter Campaign page.
[Grim Dawn] Video gameplay (Occultist class) - Pre Alpha