A public alpha build for Russia 2055 will be made available on March 15th

Earlier this month, Invictus Volition made available to a select number of Twitter followers a beta version of Russia 2055. Unfortunately, a lot of followers did not receive any key for it however the team plans to release a public beta build on March 15th.

This basically means that everyone will be able to download and play this beta build for this indie first-person shooter that is heavily inspired – at least visually – by the Metal Gear games.

As we’ve said and before, we strongly suggest tempering your expectations. While the gameplay clips we’ve seen in the past look amazing, you should keep in mind that this project is being created by a single person.

Invictus Volition will launch a Kickstarter campaign soon in order to better scale the project. Here is the game’s description according to this upcoming Kickstarter page.

“Russia 2055 is a prologue to a game called Battle A.E. (Battle After Earth). Where humanity is forced to leave Earth’s unstable surface after a devastating extraterrestrial attack. Humanity forcing to genetically augment themselves to adapt to the rough climate of a mysterious planet, in order to restart civilization.  Russia 2055 Is a futuristic military Single player First Person Shooter game. Currently in early development. “