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A modder is bringing the Saturn version of Quake to the PC

Modder ‘JaycieErysdren’ is currently working on a project that aims to port the Saturn version of Quake to the PC. The modder has used a Blender plugin which can grab all textures and geometry, and assign materials to match it all together. As such, a downloadable version of this mod should appear online pretty soon.

In case you did not know, the Saturn version of Quake was a bit special. For starters, it used the Slavedriver Engine and not the original Quake Engine. Thus, Lobotomy Software (who was responsible for this port) had to reconstruct all of the game’s levels.

Quake Saturn also comes with some unique features. For instance, instead of 3D models, it uses sprites for its weapon viewmodels. Additionally, the liquids look different, and they now are animated.  Not only that, but aquatic shadows within liquids are visible.

Now obviously the Saturn version is inferior to the original PC version. Still, this is a cool project that will make a lot of old-school Quake fans happy.

We’ll be sure to share the download link for this mod as soon as it goes live.



Thanks PCGamesN