A Christmas present to all STALKER 2 fans; official news coming in mid January

Okay STALKER 2 fans, here is something that might make you happy and start jumping around your room. GSC GameWorld has tweeted that we’ll get some official news in mid January and that “there is cause for hope”. Which basically translates to “Hey, there is a chance we might not close and STALKER 2 might not get cancelled”. Make no mistake though. Yeah, it seems that there is light at the end of GSC’s tunnel but for all we know, this message could be GSC’s attempt at damage control, so hold your horses. For now at least.
As GSC tweeted:
“Dear Stalkers: We will not be releasing any official news until around mid January. However there is cause for hope! Good hunting!”
Here is hoping that GSC will find the means to stay open and continue the work on STALKER 2.