3DNES Is an Amazing NES Emulator That Transforms Every NES Game into a 3D Retro Game

Tran Vu Truc has released an amazing NES emulator for NES, called 3DNES. As its name suggests, this emulator transforms every NES game into a 3D game. Right now, this is a browser-based emulator, however a PC version is on its way. And we strongly suggest giving this a go as it looks glorious.

Tran Vu Truc stated that this emulator works – at least for now – only with Firefox. So in order to test it, players will have to visit its official page,┬áhost their┬árom on clould (via Dropbox for example), load the game via the browser-based emulator, and play it.

Here is a video showing this emulator in action.

It looks phenomenal, so kudos to the author of this emulator. Do also note that this a beta version of 3DNES, so bugs and glitches are bound to be found.


3DNes Emulator - Beta Release