3D Realms was also in talks with FOX for an Aliens FPS game, called Aliens: Hadleys Hope

Yesterday, we informed you about a cancelled Aliens game that was to be developed by Boss Key Productions. However, it appears that 3D Realms had also pitched an Aliens game. Similarly to Boss Key Productions’ game, though, this game was cancelled when Disney purchased FOX.

As 3D Realms’ VP Frederik Schreiber noted, their Aliens game was called Aliens: Hadleys Hope. Aliens: Hadleys Hope was a first-person story-driven PvE multiplayer adventure shooter. The game would be developed by Slipgate Ironworks and 3D Realms, and there was a long-range plan to add new content for years.

Players would be able to choose between marines and colonists. Thus, players would be working together in order to eliminate all xenomorphs and kill the Queen.

The game would require teamwork and tactics in order to make progress through each level. After completing a number of levels, players would face an Alien queen. However, the game would feature multiple – and not only one – Alien queens.

Levels would have mission-critical goals, as well as side quests. One of them would be, for example, hunting down eggs. These side quests would provide additional loot and story bits. They would also feature various easter eggs from the Alien universe.