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3D Realms’ Prey 1995 Prototype Build has been leaked online

Now here is something really special for all our old-school first-person shooter fans. The 1995 prototype build/tech demo for 3D Realms’ Prey has just been leaked online. As such, PC gamers can download and run it on their PC systems.

For those unaware, 3D Realms was working on Prey back in 1995.  Prey would be taking full advantage of the portal technology, way before Quake 3 Arena attempted such a thing. And while the team could not create a full game, it did develop a prototype build/tech demo.

You can download this prototype from here. Below you can also find some more information about this leak.

“This is an early prototype of the game Prey by 3D Realms, from November of 1995.

You can either pass a map name as the argument when launching it, i.e. ‘prey demo4’, or once launched via ‘prey’, press TAB to open the console and then type ‘load demo4’.

You’ll also notice several demos are available (DMO files) which can be played by using the ‘play ‘ command.

You can use W to change the display mode – it defaults to wireframe mode. L will enable auto-leveling. X will strafe left and C will strafe right. A and Z will go up or down. And as mentioned, TAB will open the console.”

Have fun!

The unreleased 1995 version of Prey just got leaked online...