3D Realms’ Ion Maiden leaves Steam Early Access and fully releases in early 2019

3D Realms and Voidpoint have announced that their old-school first-person shooter, Ion Maiden, will release in early 2019 and will feature a classic fast-paced multiplayer mode. Those who purchased the game during Early Access will have access to a multiplayer beta closer to launch. A bad-ass limited edition big box is available for pre-order now.

While the developer and publisher hoped to have the game ready for Q3 this year, both teams want to make sure the blood-soaked guns-blazing shooter meets the same level of polish as other FPS classics from 3D Realms.

Frederik Schreiber, Vice President at 3D Realms, said:

“We wanted Ion Maiden out as soon as possible, but it has to be the best it can be. But this extra time means we can make this awesome Big Box edition and add multiplayer at launch, so we hope players understand.”

Ion Maiden Big Box Reveal Trailer