32-bit story-driven action puzzle-platformer, KR-17, gets a developer pitch video

Jordan Smith has informed us about a developer pitch video for Wonderfling’s upcoming 32-bit story-driven action puzzle-platformer, KR-17. As Jordan described, KR-17 is set around a military robot on a mission to subdue a rouge agent operating out of a military installation on the planet Valiant.
The game features various weapons and non-linear level designs to keep the player entertained and enthralled for many hours of game play, and Wonderfling (its cretor) only hopes to inspire the next generation of gamers in the same manner that it has been inspired.
There is a Kickstarter campaign for it, and Wonderfling aims to raise $3K in the next 24 days.
We should also note that there is a playable demo for KR-17 that can be downloaded from here.
Enjoy the video, courtesy of Pixabyte!
KR-17 Developer Pitch