Incredible Ape’s casual and highly addictive “/Escape\” is out now and you can play it for free

Incredible Ape has released their surprisingly addictive single button, wall-jumping unplatformer that is playable right now – and for free – on Kongregate. As the title suggests, the goal of “/Escape\” is to escape from a massive unstoppable laser. Pressing only the escape key to jump from wall-to-wall, you must avoid high-voltage hazards as you ascend an endless tower.
As you may have guessed, it’s one of those addictive casual games that you simply can’t stop playing. Seriously, give this game a try only if you have a lot of free time because you will be hooked. Well… at least we did. It’s as addictive – and even more since it has these great retro graphics – as Robot Unicorn Attack.
Those interested can give it a spin here.