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Unofficial mod sequel to Crysis, Back to Hell, is available for download

Last month, we informed you about an unofficial mod sequel to the first Crysis game, called Back to Hell. And today, we are happy to report that this mod is available for download.

Crysis Back to Hell is an alternative sequel for Crysis, featuring the same sandbox gameplay that players enjoyed in Crysis and Crysis Warhead. As you may have guessed, this mod also features the same nanosuit that was present in these first two games.

The mod features 4/5 levels. According to the modder, Back to Hell also packs numerous gameplay improvements, as well as new Gore. Additionally, you will find new enemy types for both the Aliens and the Koreans.

You can download Back to Hell from here. Do note, though, that the mod requires Crysis Wars, which you can download from ModDB.

In order to celebrate its release, Flowgroover also shared the following trailer.


Crysis Back to Hell - Episode 1 - Release Trailer [4K]