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Crysis Back to Hell Mod promises to be an unofficial sequel to the original Crysis

Modder ‘Flowgroover’ announced an unofficial sequel mod to the original Crysis game, called Crysis Back to Hell. Crysis Back to Hell will take place right after the ending of the first Crysis game, and will release on December 11th.

According to the modder, this mod will have the same sandbox gameplay that most Crysis and Warhead fans enjoyed. Crysis Back to Hell will have 4/5 levels, and promises to have a quality level design. Additionally, the modder claims that your decisions may affect your playthrough (whatever that means).

Furthermore, the mod will have many gameplay improvements and new features. Not only that, but it will bring new enemy types, both for Aliens and Koreans. There will also be an optional Gore option that players can enable.

Now since this is a mod, I strongly suggest tempering your expectations. While it sounds great, you should keep in mind that this is a mod, made by one person. Thus, do not expect it to be better or as polished as Crysis 2.

Lastly, and in order to showcase the mod, Flowgroover released the following trailer.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

Crysis Back to Hell - Episode 1 - Release Trailer [4K]