Dragon Age

Dragon Age Origins gets a remaster mod, available for download

Dragon Age fans, here is something for you today. Dalishious has released a must-have remaster mod for the first Dragon Age game, Dragon Age: Origins.

According to the modder, the purpose of this mod is to make Dragon Age Origins look a little less dated, while still maintaining its memorable style and feeling.

In order to achieve something like that, the modder upgraded the game’s textures via AI techniques. Moreover, he included some mesh replacements. Players can also find some new character creation presets and options. Not only that, but there are headmorphs for most NPCs, more vibrant tints for character skin, hair and eyes, and a few cutscene replacements with a more cinematic feel.

You can download this mod from here. Do note that this unofficial remaster requires Large Address Aware to function (which you can download from here).

Lastly, you can find below some comparison screenshots between the vanilla and the remastered textures.

Have fun!

Dragon Age Origins comparison screenshots-1Dragon Age Origins comparison screenshots-2Dragon Age Origins comparison screenshots-3 Dragon Age Origins comparison screenshots-4Dragon Age Origins comparison screenshots-5Dragon Age Origins comparison screenshots-6