Tekken 8 PC modded version-3

Tekken 8 looks glorious on PC without its awful post-process effects

During the Closed Network Testing of Tekken 8, FrancisLouis released an incredible mod that disabled most of its post-process effects. As a result of that, Tekken 8 became really crisp and sharp on PC. And, to be honest, that’s how most PC gamers should be able to play it.

Unfortunately, NexusMods messed things up and just approved this mod. And, as you all know, the CNT of Tekken 8 is already over. Now I know that there is a cracked version out there, however, there is really no point downloading it. We don’t condone piracy so yeah, we are against downloading leaked alpha/beta builds, unless they differ significantly from the end product. For instance, the E3 beta demo of Duke Nukem Forever is something that a lot of us wanted to at least try.

Anyway, this Tekken 8 Mod disables Bloom, Chromatic Aberration, Film grain, Lens-flares, Motion Blur and Vignette. Moreover, it adds sharpening and Anisotropic Filtering, and it provides options to upscale the game.

Surprisingly enough, the in-game settings do not allow PC gamers to disable these effects. That’s a bummer because as you’ll see below, the game can look amazing when you actually disable them.

So, here are some comparison screenshots between the vanilla (left) and the modded (right) versions of Tekken 8. As you can clearly see, the modded PC version of Tekken 8 looks sharper/crisper. Seriously, in the vanilla version, it is like someone smeared vaseline on everything. It looks bad, and I seriously hope that the Tekken 8 dev team will add these settings to the final PC version.

Tekken 8 PC vanilla version-1Tekken 8 PC modded version-1 Tekken 8 PC vanilla version-2Tekken 8 PC modded version-2 Tekken 8 PC vanilla version-3Tekken 8 PC modded version-3 Tekken 8 PC vanilla version-4Tekken 8 PC modded version-4

You can download this mod from here. In theory, future beta builds, as well as the game’s final version, may be compatible with it.

There is currently no ETA yet on when Tekken 8 will come out. The good news for PC gamers is that the game will NOT be using the Denuvo anti-tamper tech.

Lastly, here is an 8K video from Tekken 8 PC, running on an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090!