Resident Evil HD Remaster - 1996 Demake Mod

Resident Evil HD Remaster gets a retro-cool 1996 Demake Mod

And we have just gone full circle. In 2015, Capcom released an HD Remaster of the Resident Evil Remake that originally came out on Nintendo Gamecube. And today, beardsvcgaming released a mod that makes the characters look like their classic 1996 versions.

Thanks to this mod, PC gamers can enjoy the polygonal characters of the original game. And, to be honest, it’s a pretty cool nostalgic mod. I’m also certain that younger players will appreciate it (that or they will vomit the moment they see the in-game characters).

Now some may wonder why they should demake Resident Evil HD Remaster and not play the original 1996 version. Well, the reason is simple. Resident Evil HD Remaster features content that is not present in the 1996 version. Moreover, it has higher-quality pre-rendered backgrounds, which is a big plus.

You can download this demake mod from here. Below you can also find a video that showcases the mod in action, as well as an installation guide video.

Have fun!

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