Resident Evil 5 HD Textures

Resident Evil 5 now has HD Texture Packs for all enemies, main characters and weapons

A lot of gamers have been asking for a remaster or a remake of Resident Evil 5. And until that happens, PC gamers can enjoy RE5 with mods, something that will give them a glimpse at what a remaster may look like.

YouTube’s ‘AwesomeMods’ has released new HD Texture Packs for this RE game. These packs cover all enemies, weapons and the main characters. As such, you can find HD textures for Chris, Jill, Wesker, Sheva and more.

Sadly, this pack does not overhaul any of the environmental textures. Not only that but the Ultimate HD Edition Mod is no longer available for download. That’s a bummer as that pack brought major improvements to the game’s environments. And that’s why we always recommend downloading the packs the moment we share them.

Anyway, you can go ahead and download these packs from here. To install them, you’ll just have to download and extract them in your game folder.

To improve the textures, the modder used AI tools to upscale the original textures. As such, the new modded textures retain the art style of the vanilla ones. This is crucial as RE5 has a distinct look.

Before closing, the modder also shared a video, showcasing what RE5 looks like without its Yellow Filter. To be honest, I’m against removing it. This Yellow Filter gives RE5 a unique art style. So, while it’s cool witnessing what the game looks like without it, I suggest playing it WITH the Yellow Filter.

Going one step further, PC gamers can also use Reshade to further improve the game’s graphics. Reshade Ray Tracing uses depth information from the screen to create “ray tracing” effects. These effects are not as accurate as the native ray tracing found in most modern games. However, they can still improve the game’s lighting and shadows. With Reshade RT, you can make a game’s Global Illumination and Ambient Occlusion look even better. And, since RE5 is a really old title, it can greatly benefit from it.


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