Quake 4 in Quake 1 Demake Mod

Quake 4 in Quake 1 Demake is now available for download

Remember the Quake 4 in Quake 2 Demake we shared last month? Well, modder TheMrBenpulido is back with a similar mod for the first Quake game. As the title implies, this mod demakes all of the Quake 4 levels for id Software’s classic Quake game.

In order to recreate these levels, the modder used assets from the first Quake. The modder also used enemies from the first Quake in order to replicate some of Quake 4’s boss encounters. Additionally, you can expect Quake 3 music on some maps, as well as a new graphical interface.

The result is retro-cool, and I’m certain that a lot of old-school fans will find this cool.

You can download the mod from here. Do note though that you will need Darkplaces or QuakeSpasm in order to play it.

Have fun!