Quake 4 Hi Def v2.0 screenshots-1

Quake 4 Hi Def v2.0 Mod is available for download, featuring improved textures & 3D models

Modder ‘y2keeth’ has released Version 2.0 of his Hi Def Mod for Quake 4. According to its description, Quake 4 Hi Def v2.0 updates Quake 4’s graphics by improving the quality of textures and models, as well as shadows.

Going into slightly more details, Quake 4 Hi Def v2.0 adds a bunch of more textures. Moreover, it adds an autoexec.cfg file to crank the detail settings and shader enhancer fast pak file from ng_shaders.

y2keeth is also the man behind Doom 3 BFG: Hi-Def Mod and Prey “HD Remaster”. As such, we also suggest downloading these mods for these games.

You can download Quake 4 Hi Def v2.0 from here. Below you can also find some screenshots that showcase the improved 3D models and textures.

Have fun!

Quake 4 Hi Def v2.0 screenshots-1Quake 4 Hi Def v2.0 screenshots-2Quake 4 Hi Def v2.0 screenshots-3 Quake 4 Hi Def v2.0 screenshots-4Quake 4 Hi Def v2.0 screenshots-5Quake 4 Hi Def v2.0 screenshots-6 Quake 4 Hi Def v2.0 screenshots-7Quake 4 Hi Def v2.0 screenshots-8