Portal Revolution feature

Portal: Revolution is a new DLC-sized mod for Portal 2, to be released in 2024

Second Face Software has just released a trailer for its upcoming Portal 2 Mod, called Portal: Revolution. Portal: Revolution will be released in 2024 and, as you may have guessed, it will be free to all owners of Portal 2.

Portal: Revolution will take place before Portal 2 in the dead and decaying Enrichment Center. It’s packed with more than 40 fresh puzzles and cool new gameplay elements. Plus, there will be tutorials to teach you all the new mechanics and advanced portal tricks.

Portal: Revolution runs on an enhanced version of the Portal 2: Community Edition engine. This is a custom version of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Source Engine branch. The team used this engine to add lots of cool stuff and make the game even better. They say the new experience they created wouldn’t be possible in the vanilla Portal 2. Oh, and just to be clear, there won’t be any Ray Tracing effects. So, it won’t look like Portal RTX.

As said, Portal: Revolution will release in 2024. To be more precise, it will come out on January 5th, 2024. Below you can also find its official gameplay trailer.

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Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

Portal: Revolution - Official Trailer