Resident Evil 2 feature

New version of the canceled Resident Evil 2 game, Resident Evil 1.5, is available for download

Resident Evil fans, here is something really special for you today. Last month, MartinBiohazard released a brand new version of the Resident Evil 1.5 Mod for the classic Resident Evil 2 game. As the title implies, this mod aims to recreate the canceled version of Resident Evil 2. Thus, and if you are die-hard RE fans, we highly recommend downloading it.

This latest version of Resident Evil 1.5 adds numerous rooms and cut-scenes. Moreover, it adds new items, improves some other things, and fixes a number of bugs and glitches.

Again, this is a must-have for all Resident Evil fans, so be sure to download it. Since this is a mod for Resident Evil 2, you’ll need a copy of the original PC game.

You can download Resident Evil 1.5 from here. Below you can also find the complete changelog of this latest version.

Biohazard 1.5 (MZD Mod) Update 29-01-2022 - Download

Resident Evil 1.5 January 29th Version Release Notes

Additions #1
  • Added new video
  • Added new room 100 (By Juvenal)
  • Also added new room 101 (By Juvenal)
  • Added new room 105 (By Juvenal)
  • Added new room 108 (By Juvenal)
  • Also added new room 10C (By Juvenal)
  • Added new room 10D (By Juvenal)
  • Added new room 10E (By Juvenal)
  • Also added new room 10F (By Juvenal)
  • Added new room 111 (By Juvenal)
  • Added new room 112 (By Juvenal)
  • Also added new room 113 (By Juvenal)
  • Added new room 114 (By Juvenal)
  • Added new room 118 (By Juvenal)
  • Also added new room 123 (By Juvenal)
  • Added new room 11D (By Juvenal)
  • Added new room 201 (WIP) (By Juvenal)
  • Also added new room 203 (By Juvenal and biohazard_star)
  • Added new room 204 (By biohazard_star)
  • Added new room 205 (By Juvenal and biohazard_star)
  • Also added new room 206 (WIP) (By Juvenal and biohazard_star)
Additions #2
  • Added new room 500 (By Juvenal)
  • Added new room 509 (WIP) (By Juvenal)
  • Also added Crows in room 10C
  • Added new cutscene in room 117 (Leon) (Texts By Juvenal)
  • Added new cutscene in room 103 (Elza) (Texts By Juvenal)
  • Also added new custcene for Elza in room 503
  • Added a control panel for Armory door (Red Keycard is in room 119, the code is in the corpse split in half in room 123)
  • Added a control panel for Prison door (Yellow Keycard is in room 101, the code is in Roy’s corpse in same room)
  • Also added a control panel for Radio room door (Blue Keycard is in room 111, the code is in the police’s corpse in same room)
  • Added RE2 puzzle in RPD Boiler Room
  • Added Spark Plug model in room 404
  • Also added freeze effect in room 409
  • Added sound effect to shutter in room 105
  • Added sound effect to shutter in room 10D
  • Also added sound effect to shutter in room 113
  • Added Pliers model in room 11B
  • Added box in Engine Room to access to Sealed Tunnel
  • Also added a itembox image (when you check it) in all save rooms
  • Added sound effects to vent caps that drop when gorillas come out (404, 408, 50A, 510)
Additions #3
  • Added interaction with PCs in room 401 and room 501
  • Added helpless animation for Leon when he sees Ada die
  • Also added corpse model from Bio2 Beta V2 in room 209
  • Added new Irons model (By Juvenal)
  • Added new Marvin model (By Juvenal)
  • Also added pre-rendered doors in room 207
  • Added itembox model in shelters
  • Added NPCs in shelters (WIP)
  • Also added more zombies in RPD cells
  • Added small puzzle in room 304
  • Added Green Keycard in 304 for Warehouse
  • Also added pushing box sound in room 109
  • Added recreated cursor in rooms 110, 11E, 305, 30E and 505
  • Added RE3’s Mikhail animations for Irons (By Enrico Marini)
  • Also added more number of items and enemies
  • Added more texts in several rooms
  • Added new Irons cutscene (Leon) (Texts By Juvenal)
  • Also added dark version for room 11B (By Juvenal)
  • Added shaking in the train cars (at the end of the game)
  • Added Leon and Elza models in room 604 (at the end of the game)
  • Improved RPD and Laboratory elevators
  • Improved cutscene in room 116 (added extra camera angle) (Leon) (Texts and extra camera angle By Juvenal)
  • Also improved cutscene in room 10D (Leon) (Texts By Juvenal)
  • Improved cutscene in room 200 (Leon) (Texts By Juvenal)
  • Improved water flood custcene in room 20B (Leon)
  • Also improved description texts for shutter’s buttons
  • Improved the behavior of the vaccine machine in room 506
  • Improved the Marvin and Ada escape cutscene and Leon’s confrontation with the gorilla in room 400
  • Also improved zombie Roy cutscene in room 102
  • Improved Sherry’s “playable” section in factory
  • Improved gate model in room 202 (By Juvenal)
  • Also improved several cutscene texts from some rooms
  • Fixed the execution problem of the second cutscene in room 11C (now it will be executed automatically after killing the 2 gorillas)
  • Fixed cutscene trigger in room 109 (Leon)
  • Also fixed collisions in room 200
  • Fixed collisions in room 20B
  • Fixed .BLK data for all rooms
  • Also fixed small text errors in room 401 cutscene (Leon)
  • Fixed vent cap animation when dogs come out in room 119
  • Fixed some camera angles in room 10A
  • Restored hidden feature in room 115
  • Restored hidden water effects in room 200
  • Also restored hidden/broken data for two spider-mans in room 400 (Elza)
  • Restored hidden/broken data for a extra spider-man in room 504
  • Restored hidden water model in room 506
  • Paused the gorillas while the shutter is being opened in room 114 (Elza)
  • Blocked access to room 200 in room 11B (before the cutscenes) (Leon/Elza)
  • The door to room 200 will be executed automatically after cutscene in room 11B (Leon)
  • The door to room 30C will be executed automatically after cutscene in room 309 (Elza)
  • Replaced Elza’s obstacle climbing animation (which was originally using Leon’s) with Claire’s
  • Replaced RE1’s lab zombie for RE2’s one (By Juvenal)
  • Changed the color of the numbers that indicate the amount of bullets of the weapons in the inventory for the one used by RE2
  • Removed old green sewers rooms
  • Removed the strange model that appeared after killing the zombies
  • Elza will now start the game without the gun
  • Updated some inventory icons (By Biohazard_España)
  • Updated some BGMs
  • Game will now reset automatically after the credits
  • Changed the START button to enter the inventory by TRIANGLE button (By Unicorngoulash)
  • Zombies will not disappear after killing them (except when you use the shotgun) (By Unicorngoulash)
  • Zombies will get up immediately when floored (By Unicorngoulash)
  • Zombies will take up to 5 shots from the handgun before falling to the ground (By Unicorngoulash)
  • Implemented quick turn (check extra content) (By Unicorngoulash)