Halo Infinite new in-engine screenshot

Speedrunner finishes Halo Infinite Campaign in 29 minutes in Legendary Difficulty

IGN has shared a video, showcasing speedrunner Sasquatch completing the campaign mode of Halo Infinite in 29 minutes in Legendary Difficulty. Also, and in the following video, Halo Infinite developers Mika Little (Gameplay Designer), Brian Traugott (Lead Level Designer), and Caleb Doughty (Game Designer) react to it.

In order to complete the game in such a short time, the speedrunner used various tricks, exploits and glitches. The end result is quite stunning, and we highly recommend watching the video.

To be honest, I really love speedruns. After all, Games Done Quick is one of my favourite “speedrun” marathons. It’s really amazing watching people finishing games in such a short time. It’s also cool watching the developers themselves react to such speedruns.


Halo Infinite Developers React to 29 Minute Legendary Speedrun