Cyberpunk 2077 NPC Re-Texture Project 2077-1

New Cyberpunk 2077 HD Texture Pack attempts to improve the quality of most major/main NPCs

Modder “Keen” released a cool new mod for Cyberpunk 2077. Keen made a fancy HD Texture Pack that makes the game’s main NPCs look way better. This pack cranks up the quality of their textures to a super sharp 4K resolution. How did he do it? Well, Keen used some smart AI tricks as well as some manual fine-tuning in photo-editing software.

The NPC Re-Texture Project 2077, in its latest version, makes the game look much better. It gives a makeover to characters like Judy Álvarez, Evelyn Parker, Panam Palmer, Goro Takemura, Kerry Eurodyne, River Ward, Hanako Arasaka, 8ug8ear, and Placide. This pack even works on Solomon Reed and Song So Mi from the Phantom Liberty expansion. They all get a fancy upgrade.

What’s even better is that the modder has big plans. Keen wants to make more characters in the game look better too. In the next updates, they’ll improve the textures of characters like Sandayu Oda, Simon (Royce) Randall, Saul Bright, Oswald (Woodman) Forrest, Ziggy Q, and Ozob Bozo. So, even more characters will get a cool upgrade.

You can grab this HD Texture Pack by clicking on this link. It should work together with the HD Reworked Project. These projects upgrade different textures, so they should go hand in hand.

If you’re into Cyberpunk 2077, there are some other cool mods you should check out. You can get the Enhanced Photo Mode Unlocker, which makes taking pictures even cooler. There’s also a mod that allows cars to fly, and other mods that can open up new areas to explore. Oh, and don’t forget the Metro System Mod. Additionally, there’s a mod that adds realistic ragdoll physics to finishing moves. Plus, Law Enforcement Overhaul is a mod that enhances the game’s Police System. And there’s even a mod that integrates the OpenAI API which enables ChatGPT support.

Lastly, here are some pictures that show the modded textures on the left and the regular ones on the right for comparison.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

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