Lies of P new feature

Lies of P just got a free DLSS 3 Frame Generation Mod

LukeFZ has just released a free DLSS 3 Frame Generation Mod for the Bloodborne-inspired Souls-like game, Lies of P. This mod replaces the game’s FSR 2.0 implementation with DLSS 3, allowing you to enjoy both DLSS 3 Super Resolution and DLSS 3 Frame Generation.

Now contrary to PureDark’s DLSS 3 Frame Generation mods, this one is completely free. So, after downloading, make sure to at least donate to the modder. And yes, in case you’re wondering, this is the same person behind the free DLSS 3 Mod for Starfield.

Truth be told, Lies of P never really needed a DLSS 3 Frame Generation Mod. As we wrote in our PC Performance Analysis, Lies of P already runs incredibly well on a wide range of PC configurations.

In my opinion, LukeFZ should be focusing on games that are currently very CPU-bound. For instance, titles like The Last of Us Part I, The Callisto Protocol, Baldur’s Gate 3 and Gotham Knights would greatly benefit from it.

Anyway, those interested can download this DLSS 3 Mod for Lies of P from here. In order to install it, you’ll also have to follow this guide.

  • Download the latest release.
  • Extract and place everything in the game executable directory. (LiesOfP/Binaries/Win64 for Steam, LiesOfP/Binaries/WinGDK for Xbox)
  • Download both the latest DLSS and DLSS Frame Generation DLLs and place them in the ‘streamline’ folder.
  • Launch the game.

Have fun!