Halo Infinite new in-engine screenshot

Here is how you can play Halo Infinite in third-person mode

Now here is something that passed under our radar. Halo Infinite is the latest part in the Halo series and as you may already know, it uses a first-person perspective. However, it appears that you can experience this Halo game in third-person mode via this amazing mod.

What’s really great here is that the game looks amazing in third-person mode. This shouldn’t surprise us of course. After all, 343 Industries has created proper third-person moves for the game’s MP mode.

You can install the mod from here. Below you can also find a tutorial video (that we highly recommend watching). Basically, and after downloading the mod, you’ll have to load while in the gun selection at any FOB that also has fusion coils, load the mod and poke all. And that’s it.

3rd Person Mod Tutorial for Halo Infinite (PC Only)

Speaking of Halo third-person mods, you can also find similar mods for Halo 4, Halo 3 and Halo Reach.

Have fun!

Playing Halo Infinite's Campaign in Third Person - Halo Infinite Mods