Halo 2 feature

Halo 2 Uncut Mod aims to restore the game’s cut content, first version released

Modder ‘the_vengeful_vadam’ has released the first version of a mod that attempts to restore as much cut content from Halo 2 as possible. This mod is for the Halo: The Master Chief Collection version of Halo 2, and I’m certain that a lot of Halo 2 fans will find it cool.

Halo 2: Uncut features pre-release elements such as cut weapons, cut weapon and vehicle functionalities. Additionally, it aims to restore cut encounters and map scripts, and features Director’s Cut-style cutscenes.

Going into more details, the mod brings the E3 2003-style Single Shot Battle Rifle. It also introduces the General Purpose Machine Gun, as well as a Suppressed SMG.

Additionally, Halo 2: Uncut adds the Cut Falcon, Shadow and Covenant Gun Tower.

You can download this Halo 2 restoration mod from here.

Have fun!