Half-Life Alyx No-VR Mod Update

Half-Life: Alyx NoVR Mod Animation Update #1 is now available for download

The team behind the NoVR Mod for Half-Life: Alyx has just dropped a brand-new update for it. This update brings some awesome animation improvements to the mod, so make sure to grab it and check it out.

For those unaware, the No VR Mod for Half-Life Alyx allows you to play the game on non-VR devices. This is a must-have mod for those who want to experience this latest Half-Life game on a non-VR device.

In this Animation Update, GB_2 Development Team has included proper animations for Alyx’s arms, hands, and weapons. Keep in mind, though, that this is just the start of several animation updates. This initial version focuses on the most crucial animations and viewmodels that impact the minute-to-minute gameplay.

So, here’s what you can look forward to. With this update, you’ll get non-VR animations for firing, being idle, reloading, and holstering all your weapons and grenades. Alyx’s arms and hands will be animated too. Plus, there’s a special button to inspect things and a better flashlight. Not only that, but you can find even more toner puzzles in the game.

This update doesn’t cover animations that don’t affect gameplay. So, don’t expect to see Alyx’s hand placed on the Health Station when getting first aid. The good news is that the team plans to add these in upcoming updates.

Here are all the key features of this update.

  • Alyx’s animated arms and hands
  • Firing, idle, reload and holster animations for all weapons and grenades
  • Upgrades for all weapons that can be visually seen with each enhancement
  • Combine Fabricator changes for easier use by the player
  • Reflex sight upgrades highlighting enemy weak points
  • Dedicated inspect button
  • Additional toner puzzles added throughout the game
  • Enhanced flashlight
  • Updated HUD with 3 animated hearts (not available on Steam Deck)
  • Fixes to the Jeff and Strider encounters for a smoother gameplay experience
  • Other bug fixes and updates throughout the entire game
  • Multi-tool (can be equipped and is animated but currently not functional)

Feel free to grab this Animation Update for Half-Life: Alyx NoVR by clicking on this link.

Have fun!

Half-Life Alyx No-VR - First Animation Update Teaser Trailer (WIP)