Ghost Recon Wildlands bodycam-new

Ghost Recon Wildlands gets immersive bodycam first-person mod

Now here is something interesting. Remember Unrecord? You know, that Unreal Engine 5 game that took everyone by surprise with its bodycam viewpoint? Well, time to experience Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands from a similar bodycam first-person view.

YouTube’s ‘DEEF’ has shared the following video, showcasing this bodycam mod for Ghost Recon: Wildlands. And while this looks cool and immersive, there is something that makes it feel a bit off. Perhaps it’s the exaggerated depth of field, motion blur and chromatic aberration effects that make everything look so damn blurry. Seriously, it’s like having astigmatism and not wearing glasses. Yeah, it can be THAT bad.

Anyway, in order to achieve these results, DEEF used the “Crussong’s Bodycam Reshade for Ready Or Not” mod and the Ghost Recon Wildlands First Person Mod.

Before closing, I’d love to see sharper and better presets for this mod. There is a lot of potential here. However, in its current state, this mod is certainly not for me. I treasure my eyesight so I’m not a fan of everything looking blurry. Still, some of you may be interested in it, so you can at least give it a go.

Enjoy and kudos to our reader ‘durka durka’ for bringing this to our attention!

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