Days Gone feature

First-person Mod for Days Gone is now available for download

Medicbobs has released a pretty cool mod for Days Gone. As the title suggests, this mod introduces a first-person mode. According to the modder, the mod changes the perspective to first-person for most (but not all) of the actions.

Going into more details, the follow camera has been changed to the first person. Crouch and sprint are also now in first-person, as well as jumping through windows and interiors.

Additionally, the “hiding mechanics” are also in first-person mode by default. However, and by deleting the BendPlayerCamBush in the cameras folder, you can revert it back to third-person.

Combat, on the other hand, remains in third-person mode. Still, and if there is enough demand, the modder may release an updated version with first-person combat perspective.

Lastly, driving and climbing ladders are still in third-person mode.

You can download the mod from here. I also suggest taking a look at the Horde Mod which increases the number of zombies/swarmers.

Have fun!