Days Gone Massive Horde Mod

Days Gone Mod makes hordes more challenging, with up to 670 zombies on screen

Aigmir has released a must-have mod for all those that have already finished Days Gone. This mod makes all hordes more challenging by raising the number of zombies.

In the vanilla version, the Hordes have between 50 and 500 swarmers. This mod changes that range to 280-600. Furthermore, a boss horde further increases that number to 670 zombies. Now that’s what a real Horde could look like.

Now the good news here is that the modder did not simply increase the number of swarmers to ridiculous numbers in all areas. Nope. Instead, Aigmir followed Bend Studio’s Tier modes.

There are currently six Tier modes which are:

  • Tier 0 200. ( Little Bear Lake Horde – Because obvious its smallest original and sleep in a very small house 🙂 , gonna look ridiculous as it is (sleep outside hous or on top of heads others)
  • Tier 1. ( Cascade Region ) 280 (boss horde – 320) Grotto Caves Horde
  • Tier 2 360. (Belknap Region) (boss horde – 400) Patjens Lakes Horde
  • Tier 3. (Lost Lake Region) 440 (boss horde – 480) Metolius Lava Cave Horde
  • Tier 4. (Highway 97 Region ) 520 (boss horde – 580)  Lobert Draw Ridge Horde
  • Tier 5. (Crater Lake Region ) 600 (boss horde – 670) Mt. Bailey Horde

You can download the mod from here. According to reports, this mod works as long as you have not explored new areas and discovered the horde prior to the mod. Otherwise, you’ll have to start a new game.

Have fun!

Days Gone Massive (Challenging) Hordes mod - Demo 2