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Final Fantasy VII Voice Over Mod, Echo-S, is now available for download

As promised, Tsunamods has released the voice over mod for the original 1997 version of Final Fantasy 7, Echo-S. This mod adds voices to every character in the game, and makes some changes to their dialogues.

Now what’s great here is that the mod is compatible with the amazing 7th Heaven Mod for FFVII. It should also be compatible with Final Fantasy 7 Remako HD Graphics Mod and the mod that updates all of its 3D models.

As said, this mod makes some changes to the dialogues. Thus, if you are an FF7 purist, you may not like these changes. I personally do not mind these changes, and – to be honest – I find some lines to be really funny.  The voice quality is also top notch (especially for a mod).

Anyway, Echo-S is a really cool mod in my opinion and you can download it from here. The modding team is also working on similar voice-over mods for Final Fantasy 8 and Final Fantasy 9.

Have fun!

Final Fantasy 7 - Echo-S Official Release Trailer