Crysis Enhanced Edition new feature

Crysis Enhanced Edition Definitive Update is now available for download

Remaster Studio announced that the Definitive Update for Crysis Enhanced Edition is now available for download. In order to celebrate this announcement, the team released a new trailer that you can find below.

Crysis Enhanced Edition is currently the best graphics mod for the original Crysis game. In fact, this mod can make the game look just as good as its official remaster. Thus, and if you haven’t purchased Crysis Remastered, we strongly suggest downloading it. This mod introduces a lot of major features, such as 4K/8K textures, real-time ray tracing, and better Ambient Occlusion.

Crysis Enhanced Edition Definitive Update is entirely retextured with high-quality textures, upgraded with indoors and outdoors baked Global Illumination, better reflections (SSR and real-time), reworked PBR-ish materials, increased vegetation and forest density, and much more.

You can download this latest version of Crysis Enhanced Edition from here.

Have fun!

Crysis Enhanced Edition - 2021 Update