Block Quake feature

Block Quake is the ultimate LEGO Mod for id Software’s classic FPS

Modder ‘Kebby_Quake’ has released a must-have mod for id Software’s classic first-person shooter, Quake. As the title suggests, Block Quake changes the game’s art style and turns it into a LEGO game. And, honestly, it looks AWESOME.

Going into more details, Block Quake adds blocky themed characters, enemies and boss models. It also replaces the game’s textures and animations. Moreover, it brings blocky themed weapon pickups, weapon model textures and animations. Players can also expect blocky themed ammo, armor, items, projectiles, props and powerup models (+BSP models). And lastly, there is a blocky themed test map for you to play.

Now what’s also cool here is that you can combine Block Quake with most Vanilla styled mods. As such, you can replay and re-experience most Quake mods with a completely different art style.

Block Quake is compatible with both the original and the remastered versions of Quake. Furthermore, it’s compatible with the following custom engines.

  • QuakeSpasm 0.93.2
  • QuakeSpasm-Spiked
  • DarkPlaces
  • Remaster’s KEX engine

You can download Block Quake from here. Below you can also find a video that showcases this mod in action.

Have fun!

Quake Remastered: new horde maps + Block Quake

BLOCK QUAKE - available now!