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Black & White 2 gets a 4K HD Texture Pack

Modder ‘merendas235’ released a 4K HD Texture Pack for Black & White 2. As its name suggests, this pack will overhaul all of the game’s textures in order to improve its visuals.

From what I can see, merendas235 has used AI techniques in order to improve the quality of the vanilla textures. Thus, the new textures have the same art style as the vanilla ones.

The modder has provided a comparison video. This video will give you an idea of the improvements this pack brings to the table. Thus, I strongly suggest watching it before downloading the pack (as it’s around 6GB in size).

You can download the pack from here.

Speaking of Black & White 2, I also suggest taking a look at the Black & White 2: Redux Mod. This mod aims to recreate the game with increased difficulty, adds an improved AI, changes landscapes, and brings minor features and some balance tweaks.

Have fun!

Black and White 2 with 4K TEXTURES