The Flock – First Impressions + 15 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage

The Flock is a pretty interesting multi-player project that can be easily described as a “cat and mouse chase” game. The Flock has also made the headlines due to the fact that it will be made unavailable once a certain amount of deaths are reached. Vogelsap has provided us a Review code and below you can read our First Impressions of it, accompanied by two videos that will give you an idea of what to expect from it.

In The Flock, players assume the role of a member of the Flock. Their mission is to acquire an Artifact – a light source lantern – by either finding it before anyone else or by killing the one carrying it (called Carrier).

The Carrier can kill the members of the Flocks by shining the light on them. While trying to stay alive, the Carrier can also complete various simple objectives. The Carrier gains points by killing the Flocks, by completing those objectives, or by keeping the Artifact.

The Flocks, on the other hand, are hunters that need to kill the Carrier in order to become Carriers themselves. The Flocks can be killed by the Carrier while they are moving. Whenever the Flocks stop moving, they enter a “Petrified” mode. In this mode, mouse movement and FOV are limited and the Flocks cannot be killed. Moreover, the Flocks can create decoys to lure the Carriers (the Flocks can teleport to their own decoys at will), and can buff other Flocks around them, making them faster.

The Flock sports an interesting concept, however it lacks content. There are only three maps and one single game mode. Not only that, but the game’s visuals are not that great. It is obvious that this is an indie attempt and while the whole concept is great, it’s really rough around the edges.

Movement also feels weird as sometimes you’ll get stuck in various areas. Also, a more polished climbing/parkour system would do wonders to a game like this, as you are constantly feeling restricted due to the game’s control/movement mechanics. And if that wasn’t enough, there are some really weird bugs. Take a look for example at the first video. At the 5:45 mark, we’ve already shined the light at the Flock, yet we were killed by it. And from what we could tell, this was not due to any lag.

All in all, The Flock is a really interesting game, however it gets repetitive pretty quickly due to the lack of content. Not only that, but after a few rounds, there is nothing to make you keep playing this game. There are only three maps and one game mode, the maps themselves are not that great or huge, the game’s visuals are average, and the controls are not that polished or refined.

DSOGaming - The Flock - Round One

DSOGaming - The Flock - Round Two