DSOGaming – Somyeol HD – First 5 Minutes Playthrough

Somyeol HD

Kolja Lubitz was kind enough to provide us with a key for Somyeol HD. Somyeol HD is a 2D Puzzle Platformer, which – according to its description – mixes the best from Super Mario and Lemmings. And as with all indie titles, you can find below a playthrough with the first five minutes from it.

Somyeol HD is a casual game that is packed with a number of stages in which you have to help the Somyeols and lead them to their rocket. And as you would expect, the game features different Somyeol types that have different skills and give various amounts of points.

Now I’ll be honest here – Somyeol HD is not my cup of tea. Yes, it is enjoyable but I didn’t find it really impressive or captivating. It did not hook me up. I’m almost certain that the Angry Birds fans will find it interesting so if you are one of them, by all means check Somyeol HD out.

Despite the fact that Somyeol HD is nothing ground-breaking, it comes at a really low price so we strongly suggest purchasing it if this is the kind of games you enjoy. Seriously now, there isn’t any reason at all to pirate such a game that costs 2 euros.

Those interested can purchase it from Desura.


DSOGaming - Somyeol HD - First 5 Minutes Playthrough