DSOGaming – Rush Bros – First 30 Minutes Walkthrough

Rush Bros
Plan of Attack was kind enough to provide us with some codes for Rush Bros, giving us the opportunity to see what this indie title is all about. So first things first; Rush Bros is a pulse-pounding, music infused Platform Racing Game that features both a single player and a multiplayer (either split-screen local or online between two simultaneous racers). The game comes with over 40 unique levels jam-packed with puzzles, obstacles and power-ups in a race to the finish line where the victor can literally crush his competition.
To put it simple, this is a platform/puzzle game that relies heavily on the beats of its music. Think of it as a platform/puzzle version of Audiosurf or a mashup between of Super Meat Boy and Audiosurf if you will, as that’s the closest thing you can compare it with.
Rush Bros comes with some dance tracks to accompany you, however what is truly amazing is the ability to use your own music tracks. Similarly to Audiosurf, PC gamers can specify a folder and enjoy playing this platform/puzzle game while listening to their favourite music. This is nothing new of course, but it does provide a better experience in our opinion.
Our first impressions with Rush Bros were quite good. XYLA Entertainment’s title is fun, though it can get repetitive quite easily. Despite the fact that the game comes with 40+ levels, we felt that we saw what this game had to offer in just a matter of hours. We strongly believe that XYLA will have to create more complex levels, otherwise the majority of players will get tired of it in due time.
Truth be told, we did not encounter a lot of players online, meaning that the game’s community is relatively small, and this is a big issue for a game that is focused on multiplayer action. You see, this kind of games rely heavily on their community. A big community ensures further challenging matches, translating into more hours of enjoyment (or frustration). And unfortunately, Rush Bros’ community has not taken off as of yet.
All in all, we enjoyed our first contact with Rush Bros, however we feel that the game needs more complex stages in order to keep gamers interested. Rush Bros is priced at 9,99€ on Steam, and you can view a video with 30 minutes of gameplay footage below (YouTube seems to have messed up the video’s audio quality. Moreover, you can view a hilarious bug at the end of the video that prevented us from continuing playing that last stage).
DSOGaming - Rush Bros Walkthrough - First 30 Minutes