DSOGaming – Element4l – First 20 Minutes Walkthrough

I-Illusions has provided us with a review code for its indie puzzler, Element4l. According to its description, Element4l is an experimental indie platform game, with a strong focus on flow and smooth gameplay. In this game, players control four elements who are bound together on a journey to shape life. Their goal? To use those elements in order to solve the game’s puzzles and complete the stages.
Element4l is fun little game, though you should not expect graphics that can rival those of other triple-A titles. Think of it as the long-distance cousin of Limbo (at least in terms of aesthetics and environmental details).
The problem with Element4l is that it does not have a high replay value and can easily get repetitive. Once you’ve managed to figure out the puzzles, there is really nothing more that you can do in it. Okay, there is also a Race Mode that accompanies the single player mode, but that’s not where you’ll be spending your time (or at least that’s what we believe).
For what is worth, and considering its low price, we enjoyed Element4l. Below you can find a walkthrough video with its first 20 minutes.
On a side note, we’ll be using trance mixes for all of our walkthrough videos (from now on). We’re not monetizing our videos, therefore we thought that it would be cool if you guys could listen to something ‘different’ than the game’s own music.
DSOGaming - Element4l - First 20 Minutes Walkthrough